Saturday, April 13, 2013

Celebrating France in Second Life Week: Ville d'Aquitaine, The Heart of the Aquitaine Coeur Region

Aquitaine Coeur, or the heart of Aquitaine, is a region of 11 magnificent sims which are designed to evoke the France of 250 years ago. We can visit France outside the Paris region, which I have shown here over the past week,  by viewing the well-designed vistas which evoke spring in the French Countryside with flowering shrubs and trees. Aquitaine itself is the rugged area of Southwest France, known for its foggy coast and hilly landscape. Second Life Aquitaine Nord evokes a foggy autumn eve, with its working lighthouse illuminating the region warning ships off the rocky costal islands. The interiors of the homes and the commercial buildings in the region are well worth a peak because of their good design and high level of realism.

To visit Aquitaine Nord, and the other regions of Aquitaine Coeur:

I have a new gallery featuring large-scale landscape photography. Through April 30, I will be featuring the photography of France in his gallery.  You can visit my new gallery here:

I also have a related feature on the photography of virtual France sims in the April issue of GMP magazine which you can find here on page 72:

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