Friday, April 12, 2013

Celebrating France in Second Life Week: Notre Dame Cathedral at Paris 1900

No cathedral in the world (with the exception of St. Peters at the Vatican in Rome which is really a Basillica) is as famous as gothic Notre Dame de Paris – Our Lady of Paris. The very mention of the name evokes gargoyles, hunchbacks, magnificent Church music, and stained glass – rising on an island in the middle of the Seine River for a perfect urban setting.

There are at least two good virtualizations of Notre Dame in Second Life – one at Paris 1900 (on a different sim than the Eiffel Tower), and one, Notre Dame Cathedral at the Oasis, wjhich stands by itself on an island which is a magnificent gothic construction. Notre Dame at the Oasis reminded me more of the magnificent Cathedral at Chartres outside of Paris than Notre Dame Cathedral itself. Chartres is actually more prominent since it stands by itself as a towering vision in the French Countryside. I show a photograph of the very realistic Rose Window as Notre Dame at the Oasis which impressed me greatly with it’s realism.

To visit Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris 1900:

To see my review of Notre Dame at the Oasis:

I have a new gallery featuring large-scale landscape photography. Through April 30, I will be featuring the photography of France in his gallery.  You can visit my new gallery here:

I also have a related feature on the photography of virtual France sims in the April issue of GMP magazine which you can find here on page 72:

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