Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Benja Aquila, The Social Media Powerhouse. His Kred Numbers Are Amazing!

Benja Aquila

My husband Benja Aquila is a social media powerhouse.

Benja's Incredibly High Kred Scores
Kred, the online rating service of social media influence (similar to Klout but more transparent) has rated Benja 794 (out of 1,000) on influence and 6 (out of 10) on reach.

Benja's Master Klout Page

How good is this?  Really good!  Benja beats me by a wide margin, and I have high numbers. I rarely interact with others on Facebook and Twitter, and Benja does. Not that I care much --  but I am still proud of Benja!  (by the way, Benja does not care much about any of this).

Eddi's Kred Score - Lower than Benja's

How does Benja compare to some well known real life people?

David Ferrer's Kred Score
Spanish Tennis Great David Ferrer beats Benja in influence, but not in outreach.   This is to be expected, David is currently the #1 ranked tennis player in Spain and #4 in the world. But Benja is doing really well if you ask me!

Hot Diving Champ and Gay Icon Matthew Mitcham

Hot Aussie Matthew Mitcham beats Benja-- but not by much!

Barcelona Soccer Great Lionel Messi Kred

Benja beats Barcelona Soccer Great Lionel Messi (he is from Argentina). Lionel must not do any social media at all since his outreach is 0.

Singer Enrique Igelsias

Handsome Enrique Igelsias?  Not a chance. Benja beats him by a wide margin.

You can check out Kred here and check out your own score if you use Facebook or Twitter, or anyone else for that matter. Let us know if your score is as high as Benja's in comments and what you think of all this!

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  1. Thanks for your post Eddi, I'm really happy, yes, but not for this score, I am for one american guy that I met some months ago and he has changed my life. I think u know him... :p


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