Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Another Great Fatnasy Faire Destination: The Valley of Ins'nar. Closes Sunday April 28

Yesterday, we visited Chinese Fantasy Lotus Valley Dreams at the Relay for Life Fantasy Faire, a  fund raising event for the American Cancer Society.  A different build is photographed today -- The Valley of Ish'Nar by Rynn Verwood.

Something called the Key of Hope Hunt is supposed to be going on, but I did not check. I am not one much into "hunts" -- I have way too low of an attention span for them. I did love the build, however - lots of list crystals and moody lights, and glowing object things. Highly recommended. Make sure you to to check some of the 10 sims out before the event closes at the end of this weekend.

SLURL to Destination:

for more information on Relay for Life:

Set Builder Rynn Verwood Poses With Ryce

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