Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Avatar Hunk of the Day: Jeff Ellsworth at Aqua Lounge

Jeff models the L'uomo shape. Photographed at Aqua Lounge Friday Night April 26. Jeff dances with Ryce Skytower below.

Cool Second Life Desitnations: Edgy Oxymoron, Retail Center for Cyberpunk Fashion

Oxymoron is a very well done build, darker and more rough than similar builds such as Insilico and Hangars Liquide. Unlike them, Oxymoron is also a retain sim, and the home of GRAVES, a very large store for fetish and other Cyberpunk fashion. Other well designed stores populate the sim.

I liked the touches here, the flames, exploding vehicles, levitating transport system, and generally realistic atmosphere of the place. It shows that a commercial sim can be as well designed and atmospheric as any. Highly recommended for a visit. Make sure to use regional environmental settings for dark lighting effects. 


The Netherlands Gets A New King and Queen Today- The First King in 123 Years

Queen Maxima, Former Queen Beatrix, and King Willem Alexander of The Netherlands  

The Netherlands gets a new King and Queen today at about 10:30 am in the morning Amsterdam time. Queen Beatrix will abdicate, and King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima (from Argentina) will take over. The Dutch do not have coronations, they have something like an inauguration ceremony

The New Royal Family On the Balcony at the Royal Palace This Morning

Willem Alexander will be the first King of the Netherlands in 123 years. Three great woman, Queen Wilhelmina (my video on her is below) who was the symbol of Dutch resistance during the Second World War, Queen Juliana, his grandmother, and his mother, Queen Beatrix all have abdicated (Queen Beatrix will  today) and get well-earned retirements.

A Crowd of Over One Million Gathers in Amsterdam

I have a special connection with the Netherlands, I went to school there for a year and lived in Amsterdam. It was one of the finest years of my life, and I grew to love the country and the people. I plan to celebrate like eveyrone else today on the last Queen's Day National Holiday for a while.  The national holiday will now change to King's Day and be celebrated on April 27, on Willem's birthday. However, since Willem and Maxima's children are female, The Netherlands should have a new Queen sometimes before 2050.

Eddi Lived on the Second Floor of the Second House from the Right in Amsterdam

The video on Queen Wilhelmina, by me, is set to the National Anthem of The Netherlands, Het Wilhemus, considered the oldest in the world. Please listen to it.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Ryce Spent a Very Romantic Evening with Benja - At Rome Dolce Vita

More photography to follow in a more formal review of this very romantic sim.

Benja was speaking Italian to me tonight -- it was incredible!

From Ziggy Starsmith...: Firestorm Viewer Major-Update-4-4-0-33720 with Server Side Baking Support Slays All Competition...

From Ziggy Starsmith's blog:

Firestorm Viewer with Server Side Baking Support Not only is this a major update with loads of new features, as well as performance and stability improvements, but it is also a necessary upgrade for you if you want to be able to render avatars correctly when Linden Lab throws the switch for Server Side Baking...

To read more about this important update:

Ziggy On The Edge Of Second Life...: Firestorm Viewer Major-Update-4-4-0-33720 with Server Side Baking Support Slays All Competition...

Real Life Hunk of the Week: Model Aaron Brückner

6' 2" Aaron Bruckner is a 24 year old model of Dutch and German descent who was born in Germany.  He was discovered in 2008 by a fashion scout while shopping in Dusseldorf.  He does not self promote much, and his web presence is limited. He has been seen in GQ Magazine Germany, the D and G catalog, and other campaigns.


Good Fan Blog:

For more photographs of Aaron:

For photographs of other Real Life Hunks (scroll down):

Happy Ninth Rez Day Scotty Everett!

Happy Ninth Rez Day to Scotty Everett!  Way back in 2004, when Second Life was less than one year old, Scotty rezzed in and, since then, has become loved by hundreds of Second Life residents for his warm personality and great sense of humor. I wish him all the best!

I photograph Scotty in 2012

A Star is Born: Incredible Alice Fredenham Stunning Simon Cowell and Britain's Got Talent

Alice Fredenham

I would like to thank fellow blogger Sean Brecher for turning me on to this. Alice's debut on Britain's Got Talent  earlier in April was simply amazing. Some people think that she was faking her shyness, but I do not believe it. She appears to be very genuine to me. Make sure to hear her.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Great Architecture: New York's Woolworth Building 100 Years Old This Week

The magnificent Woolworth Building  in New York City, one of the most gorgeous skyscrapers ever built,  turned 100 on this week.  The Woolworth Building, still impressively  rising to 792 feet/ 241 meters was the tallest building in the until surpassed by the magnificent art deco Chrysler Building  (1930)  and Empire State Buildings (1931).

Gothic fantasy, and not art deco -- which would come later --, is the style in which it was built. The lobbies and interiors are magnificent, and could not be reproduced today without extraordinary cost.  There is a gargoyle of department store magnate Frank Woolworth holding a model of the building in the lobby which I show below.

To find out more about the Woolworth Building:

Statue of Frank Woolworth Holding Model of Skyscraper in Lobby