Monday, March 11, 2013

Technorati's Ranking of the Top 10 Second Life Blogs as of Today

Technorati ranks blogs by their influence on the web.  It is also a great blog search engine.

Here are the 10 most influential Second Life Blogs according to a run I just made on Sunday morning.

My methodology is to put the term "second life" into the search engine under the blog category, and then-

1. Eliminate all blogs which do not devote at least 40% of their content to Second Life. The term "Second Life" may apply to a religious blog, or a blog for people who are writing about the second half of their life.

2. Eliminate blogs that are not written as blogs with unique content, but are picking up feeds from other web sites.

Here are the top 10 most influential blogs as of March 10, 2013:

1. New World Notes    (Hamlet Au)

2.     (Strawberry Singh)

3. JUICYBOMB.COM    (Juicy Littlething)

4. Second Life of My Dreams     (Chestnut Rau)

5.     (Eddi Haskell)

6. My Second Life with Pets    (Aywren Sojourner)

7. Second Life 24h   (Linda Mensing)

8. Second Life Fashion Blog    (Eslem Jewell and Berke Bravin)

9. Botgirl     (Botgirl Questi)

10. Girl Wonder Speaks...about Second Life     (Tymmerie Thorne)

to see my last run from late December 2012 for blog rankings:


  1. WOW. I made the list! Thank you for compiling this - very interesting information!

    1. Glad to help, but your blog is really interesting and well written so it deserves to be there.


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