Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Must-See Environmental Art Installation: 2304 Rain by Squonk Levenque

Squonk Levenque's  2304 Rain shows a flooded world in constant, pounding rain.  I think it is a portend of the future; South Florida where I live is projected to be under water if the ice caps continue to melt.

You can walk in all the flooded areas, the water is only ankle deep. Due to the scripting of the rain, you may need to reduce your graphic settings to medium depending on your card. I had to move around on medium - even though these photographs were taken at ultra settings, since movement was so difficult.

Here are Squonk's recommended Windlight settings.  I experimented with various night time and rainy settings in these photographs.

/*Windlight Sky: "[AnaLu] outdoor city weirdlights" Water: "Glassy"*/

High recommended, and hypnotic in effect.

Your taxi:

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  1. The best music for these images is Hank Hobson - A string of rain beads.
    Thank you for sharing art of Eddi Haskell !


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