Monday, March 25, 2013

Living In Florida Is A Horror For Me This Time of Year

Sneezing in the Spring Time

Florida really is one of the best places to live.

The weather is great (except for hurricanes from June - November which can scare the hell out of you), the cost of living is low, there is no income tax (we tax the tourists instead), the economy is improving, and the pace of living is laid back and people are generally polite and friendly.

Some Friendly and Hot Florida Guys Courtesy of Sean's Blog
(That is handsome Sean second from left btw- he might kill me for publishing this)

In addition, it's multicultural, there is really good Cuban food, and we have very good looking guys (and girls) who do not usually mind being checked out. But there is one thing that is bad about  living here this time of year- hay-fever and allergies.

Yummy!  Florida Cuban Food is the Best

Right now, there is so much pollen in the air, if you are a sufferer like me your eyes are swollen red, you are sniffling, and you have to take these nasty over-the-counter antihistamine drugs which can wipe you out. There is no freeze in South Florida, and everything imaginable grows here year-round and pollinates now. It is going to stay like this for another two months or so until the daily summertime thunderstorms start and clear the air out.

Eddi Hates Having to Take This Stuff

But for now, pollen counts are very high, and if you suffer like I do, you wait for the rains to start. Take a look at the forecast for my area tomorrow. I would rather be in snow!


  1. I don't mind at all Eddi, We look hot and I don't mean like hot wooh hooo I mean like Florida Swamp Gators Kicking our as temperature sweaty hot. lol

  2. Oh allergy season this time of year is awful. I get it too. :( Hope you get some relief from yours.


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