Thursday, March 28, 2013

Classic Cinema: The Birds, One of Hitchcock's Most Frightening Movies, Released 50 Years Ago Today

The Birds, one of Alfred Hitchcock's most terrifying movies, premiered 50 years ago today on March 28 1963.. It depicts Bodega Bay, north of San Francisco California, which is, suddenly and for unexplained reasons, the subject of a series of widespread and violent bird attacks over the course of a few days. The birds operate in tandem, across species, as they attack humans. The birds may have been introduced to a virus through a small pet bird brought by the glamorous Tippy Hedren (above) to the area. At the end of the film, the end of the world seems nearby as reports of violent bird attacks surface from other places.

In 2007, George Clooney was mentioned as starring in a remake of the movie, but nothing has happened with this project to date.

This movie always makes me hungry for Kentucky Fried Chicken.  I want to see some now.

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