Friday, February 15, 2013

Review: The Gorgeous Bartlett and Neilsen Tahiti Video House Skybox Featuring Over 800 Animations and An Incredibly Video Window

Ryce showering and watching a moving fireworks display
Benja and I have fallen in love with Blaze Nielsen's new Tahiti Video House Skybox.  It is not only beautiful to look at, but very hot to play in with sex animations in many key locations, including a very hot kitchen counter for passionate love making.

The video wall allows you to watch soothing waves roll in all day on the beach, or a moving  fireworks display as you are bathing, as Ryce is in the photography above.

Benja and Ryce together on the main seating arrangement 

The Tahiti Video House Skybox costs $7,000 Linden and is a great value.

The video window contains 14 moving scenes with sound effects, including beach, forest waterfall and night city lights.  A looped video provides a highly realistic viewing effect.

The Skybox contains 800 animations, including some very hot sex animations for gay and straight couples. Blaze does an amazing job making sure you will have a very hot experience inside no matter what your persuasion.

You can vary the interior lighting effects, and the hot tub has a nice shower effect and couple animations which you can see Benja and Ryce using below.

The prim count is 493, which can be reduced by taking out some of the included furniture

The Skybox is no copy, mod, or transfer.

Skybox designer Blaze Nielsen and Ryce Skytower 

You can visit the skybox here in Second Life:

You can find out more about the skybox, and purchase it on on Second Life Marketplace here:

A nice video of the skybox can be found here:

Ryce reclining on a multi-pose lounger, with a view of the kitchen in the background

Blaze Nielsen makes some of the best designed skyboxes, homes, yachts, and home furnishings in Second Life. He offers great value for the money, as most of his items are loaded with really great animations.

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