Saturday, February 2, 2013

Celebrate New York Week in Second Life: Two Iconic New York Skyscrapers Rise at Gay Fun World

The Chrysler Building on the left, and 1 WTC in the center 

We begin our celebration of New York City in Second Life, with articles and photography on six very well done virtualizations of New York City in Second Life with coverage of Gay Fun World today.
Two iconic New York City Skyscrapers can be seen at Gay Fun World, which is rapidly transforming itself into one of the most New York City- evocative destinations in Second Life – The Chrysler Building, and One World Trade Center.

Eddi in front of 1 WTC at Gay Fun World

One World Trade Center, abbreviated as 1WTC, and commonly known by its previous name of Freedom Tower, is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. Although the building is not yet completed, it is already iconic as a symbol of regeneration after the horrific attack of September 11, 2001.  The actual building will reach its full height of 1776 feet (to coincide with the year of United States independence), or 541.3 meters later in 2013. The life-sized replica of the building t hat is located at Gay Fun World has to be seen in order to take in its massive size and impact.

The famous top of the Chrysler Building at Gay Fun World
The art deco masterpiece that is the Chrysler Building was the tallest building in the world for 11 months before it was eclipsed by the Empire State Building in 1931. Many New Yorkers consider the Chrysler Building to be their favorite skyscraper due to its unique arched crown and other design features.  The build at Gay Fun World even includes replicas of the iconic art deco gargoyles which grace the actual building.

To visit Gay Fun World:

New York City street scene at Gay Fun World

The Chrylser Building can be seen on the far right

A New York City subway entrance at Gay Fun World

Ryce Skytower and Gay Fun World Owners
Ricogenu and Avacar Bluestar

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  1. The pics look so much greater with Eddi's camera on the scene - thanks so much for this expose' ---


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