Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Celebrate New York Week: Fashionable SoHo at New York City SL

Subway Station at New York SL

Unlike the other virtual destinations reviewed here for Celebrate New York City Week in Second Life, New York SL does not try to replicate any specific famous buildings or neighborhood. In fact, at first glance, the visitor may think that they are visiting another upscale commercial Second Life destination.

Shopping at New York SL in Second Life

This impression soon changes once the entire sim is experienced. There is something about the design and sophistication of New York City SL that is evocative of SoHo (South of Houston Street – pronounced by locals as how-ston, not hew-ston), a very fashionable and cutting-edge district in lower Manhattan. The view from the Subway Station, with structures that seem to belong where they are, grabbed me as one of the best virtualizations of New York I have seen in Second Life.

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