Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Breaking News: The Gay Riviera To Close, Final Week of Events Announced

Baz Ceawin, founder and owner of the Gay Riviera, is announcing the following:

The Gay Riviera will be closing on March 7th.

I want to personally thank everyone for the support you have shown to the Gay Riviera over the past two years, we have strived very hard to provide the community with a high quality and inclusive experience for everyone here on the sim.

Why is the Gay Riviera closing? This has a been a difficult decision to make, but after four years of running clubs and sims, I feel like it is time for me to focus my energy elsewhere. Don't worry, there are not big tales of drama or horrible things that have happened... just time for me to do other things. For those of you who know me well,  you know that I am just finishing up my final weeks of school and I will soon be taking on new challenges and projects in my life.  As we celebrate the 2-year anniversary of the Gay Riviera, it seemed that this was the most appropriate time to announce the sim's closing.

Thanks again for all your support over the years.
    - Baz

Please join us in the final farewell to the Gay Riviera as we celebrate two years of fun and friendship.

Monday    Feb  25th   6pm-8pmSLT        The Last MONDAY MIX
                                                             DJ Zann on the Adonis Rooftop

Wed             Feb 26th     3pm-5pmSLT    The end of the SLAM
                                                            DJ Sasch in the Plaza

Thursday    Feb 28th    8pm-10pmSLT    The last COCK ON THE DOCK
                                                           DJ Karl on the Beach Dock

Friday        March 1st    5pm-7pm SLT     The Final FRIDAY SPLASH
                                                            DJ Yifu at the Adonis Bathhouse
*****2-YEAR Anniversary Farewell Weekend*****


10am - Noon SLT  DJ Tomtom
Noon - 2pm SLT    DJ Zann Baxton
2pm-4pm SLT        DJ Rylan Sirnah
4pm-6pm SLT        DJ Rocky Constantine
6pm-8pm SLT        DJ Wesley Spengler - Sponsored by [Beefcake]

Noon - 2pm SLT    DJ InsyX
2pm-4pm SLT        DJ Regi Yifu  - Sponsored by Regimade
4pm-6pm SLT        DJ Sasch
6pm-8pm SLT        DJ Ritch Nichols  - Sponsored by [Lazybum]
8pm-10pm              DJ Karl Kalchek -  Sponsored by [Beefcake]


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