Friday, February 22, 2013

Art Exhibit: Ryce Visits Mediamorphosis, Which You Simply Must See

Your Arrival - Walk Through the Door to Enter the First Portal

I loved Mediamorphosis, an art installation by Thoth Jantzen. Make sure your media is on as you teleport to different realms, surrealistic and kaleidoscopic. I show Ryce as he navigated the alternative dimensions of the exhibit through teleports.

Ryce Enters The Portal

Here is what the Second Life Destination Guide has to say about:

Step into a mind melting experience and surround yourself with sound, video and light! Created by Thoth Jantzen, this magical installation is a mysterious place of contrasts that appeals to all your senses. With six separate areas to see, you will leave feeling amazed. Enable media settings for a truly trippy time!

A must-see art installation. Make sure to visit!

Your limo to the exhibit:

The Robotic Vessel Seems Set For Mars

The Cafe At the Second Level - Make Sure Media is On

Ryce  Becomes Part of the Exhibit With These Strange Lighted People

Ryce Relaxing in front of the Second Dimension Juke Box

A Cool Sculpture on top of The Cafe
This Sculpture Moves and is Hypnotic
An Interesting Exhibit In Back of the Cafe

Make Sure Your Media Is On as you Teleport to Alternative Dimensions
Walk Up The Prism Steps Into a Kaleidoscope 
Ryce Inside a Green Kaleidoscope 
This Pink Dimension Shimmers 
An Enticing Entrance Into a Black Void

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