Saturday, January 5, 2013

Great Second Life Winter Builds: Soundproof, A Very Atmospheric Club Set in a Science Fiction Setting

DJ Paradox Messmer's SoundProof Club, set on its own sim, tag line is Get a dose of different.

SoundProof  lives up to its billing.  I am not sure about the music played here, but in terms of architecture and design, the sim is one of the most unique in Second Life. It is one of the most striking and well designed builds of any kind in Second Life and a must-see destination.

The design motifs include Steampunk Science-Fiction, Japanese Modern, Urban Industrial, and Retro Americana. I am sure there are others. The interesting thing is that the blend of all these styles work. The snow is a common unifying factor, and the overall effect is both magical and mysterious.

Arrival Area -- The SoundProof Club

Set your sky on Windlight Black Sky Moon, or just Midnight or Blizzard to get the best lighting effects. I took these images using all three light settings.

SLURL to Destination (inside the main club):

Paradox is also model, and very involved in fashion. He publishes the Fashion Frankenstein blog:

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