Friday, January 4, 2013

Club Photography: The Sleek Design Of Industrial Dreamz

I discovered Club Industrial Dreamz by accident late on New Year's Day. I was looking for yet another winter destination to photograph (I love photographing anything in the snow in Second Life), and noticed this cool looking industrial-style build with strange lighting effects - and upon visiting discovered Industrial Dreamz.

Industrial Dreamz is not an LGBT club, or the type of club I usually visit. Instead, it is LGBT friendly -- I actually thought it might be a lesbian destination since so there was only one other male there other than myself (I always manage to put my foot in my mouth when I talk about these things), Instead, I was told it was a Grunge Goth Industrial Trance kind of place. Whatever it is, I found the design of the club so interesting, and the patrons so friendly, that I promised host Phenix Wonder (last photograph) that I would bring Benja and come back to visit.

I visited the club very late on New Year's Day and imagine it was far more crowded earlier. I recommend a visit if you are into lighting and builds, or just like the kind of music Industrial Dreamz has to offer. I never ended up the winter destination that had me teleport to the area of the club, and took these images instead.


SLURL to Club:

Facebook Page:

Club Host Phenix Wonder


  1. Glad you enjoyed your time at ID. We pride ourselves on embracing self expression of all forms, be it artistically, musically or personally. Your photos and commentary captured exactly what we are all about at Industrial Dreamz.. a place that welcomes individuality and encourages everyone to be themselves. Hope to see you around soon.

    General Manager, Industrial Dreamz

  2. well put GG :D i feel ths same way

    Co-Owner, Industrial Dreamz

  3. I totally agree with GG, what a great review thank you so much for your kind words Eddi!

    Co-Owner, Industrial Dreamz


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