Thursday, January 31, 2013

Event Photography From Benja Aquila's Second Life: Hot Party at Spurt Gay Beach with Yifu's men

Photography by Benja Aquila

For more photographs (warning viewers 18 and over please) head over to Benja's blog.

Benja Aquila's Second Life: Hot Party at Spurt Gay Beach with Yifu's men: If you want to participate in one of the hottest Second Life's gay party, you can't miss the horny parties at Spurt Gay Beach. Lots of hand...

Advance Notice: Linden Endowment for the Arts Festival Opens on Saturday, February 2

LEA Arts Festival - A Month-Long Celebration, Kickoff Day Saturday,  Feb 2nd

Schedule of Events:

9:45 AM

10:00 AM
Award winning artist BRYN OH gives a talk, On Challenging The Viewer, with time for questions & answers

11:00 AM
Machinima Screenings of LEA exhibits hosted by LaPiscean Liberty

Ian Upton, artist and technologist interviewed by Rowan Derryth

CEC Productions presents a new exciting Virtual Band Show: Leningrad Cowboys!

For more information:

Masterworld Machinima: MISS WIGSTOCK · Competition 2013 · GA · SecondLife

This is a very well done machinima, which has just been released,  of the GayArchipelago Miss Wigstock Competition 2013 in SecondLife, that tooked place at the Theatre on the Hill on January, 27.

To see more of's Second Life machinimas, including a very hot on on the 2012 Mr. GaySecondLife Competition:

To see my photography from the event (I was one of three judges):

Great Second Life Destinations: Salento Waterfront Village, A Great European Village on 2560 meters

Who says you need an entire sim to build a touch of Europe in Second Life? Salento Waterfront has cafe's, galleries, and a beach on 2,560 meters. Ryce had a good time and recommends this destination for a quite hangout. I can see how a village this size can easily pay for itself with sales from the several galleries on the premises.

SLURL to destination:

Im Memorium Patty Andrews, The Last of the Andrews Sisters, Who Sang "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Of Company B"

Patty Andrews, in the center, and the Andrews Sisters

A musical legend passed away last night. Patty Andrews, the last of the three Andrews Sisters, who were the most famous vocal group of the big band era, died at age 94 in Los Angeles.

They will be best remembered for one song in particular, particularly in the LGBT community -- the immensely popular and timeless  "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Of Company B". Bette Midler famously revived the song during the 1970's. I like the original better. Here it is from the 1941 Bud Abbott and Lou Costello film, "Buck Privates".

Patty is the lead vocalist who does most of the singing in this clip.  Make sure to see it - it really is wonderful!. (Note: They keep on yanking this clip off You Tube due to copyright issues, so if it is not up by the time you look, search for it to see a newer posting).

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Avatar Hunk of the Day: Vincent Bauleri

From Benja Aquila's Second Life: The Gorgeous Forest of Cherry Blossoms in Japan Tempura

To see more of Benja's photography and information on how to visit the sim:

Benja Aquila's Second Life: The Forest of Cherry Blossoms in The Japan Tempura...

Great Second Life Destinations: Hollywood Sim

The Hollywood Sim on the Blake Sea is a very impressive build- and central to a series of interconnected and common themed sims.   An airport, yacht club, Hollywood Walk of Fame, realistic train (I am not sure if it moves but it looks great), and a virtualization of the Hollywood Bowl (below) make it a must-see destination.

I am not sure if the sim is under revitalization, or has seen better days with missing tenants- part of it seem frozen in time.  The giant construction crane which can be seen over the sleek train in the photo below is hopefully indicative of more development to come.

To Visit:

This machinima by builder MarkTwain White gives a nice overview of the complex.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Avatar Hunk of the Day: Tybalt Caproni

Photographed At Tangier

Calas Galadhon Sims Will Reopen on Friday Morning With Major Updates

Image From Calas Galadhon Web Site

To find out more and read about the updates:

SLURL to Destination:

The February Issue of GMP Is Out - Benja And I Each Have Contributed An Article For You To Read

February 2013 Issue of GMP Magazine Cover

The February 2013  issue of JoaopedroOh's GMP (Gay Meeting Point) Magazine is out.

Benja and I each have contributed an article for this issue

Pag 26: The Case For Marriage Equality, by Benja Aquila (assisted by Ryce) which covers the status of same-sex marriage around the world.

Page 64: A Virtual Tour of New York City  by myself, featuring 18 pages of my photography on 6 destinations in Second Life. Starting on February 1, this blog will celebrate New York City in Second Life with one entire week of photography coverage based on the sims I show here.

This is a great publication, very well designed and stylish, and as good as any upscale real-life publication. Joaopedro has done amazing work here.  Please enjoy the read.

Direct Link to Publication:

(Note: touch the pages to move forward or expand to full screen).

From POP! Couture du Jour!: CheerNo Outlet, Baby!

Handsome Harry is back publishing a post with gorgeous photography in his trendy and stylish  blog.  Highly recommended!

From POP! Couture:

So a couple weeks ago my buddy Mike and I were at the CheerNo Outlet store at Casa CheerNo. I love Cheerno fashion. Mike and I both got a shit-load of the stuff. From freckles to nose rings to boots to glasses to full outfits--CheerNo is da bomb! Now, Casa CheerNo is an entire sim with five separate shops. There's CheerNo Body (avis), CheerNo Mode (clothes and stuff), CheerNo Hair (well--uhm, hair), CheerNo Motion (poses), and my FAV--CheerNo Outlet (everything 99L!)

To read more head on over to Harry's blog:

POP! Couture du Jour!: CheerNo Outlet, Baby!: