Tuesday, December 4, 2012

You Will Not Be Seeing Much of Ryce and Myself Inworld For the Next Two Weeks

Eddi Haskell

You will not be seeing much of Ryce Skytower, my very public Second Life alt and myself for the next two weeks. In fact, most of you have seen little of us over the past week. Not only that, I have been incredibly rude and not even answering IM's - something I am loathe to do.

Why?  I am under the gun at real life work. I have a major assingment due, and it is one of these 10 hour a day/ every day for two weeks monsters. I have to estimate sales profits in 5 countries for a well known technology company that can be gained if they move into certain markets. It is a great deal of hard work.

I will be coming into Second Life primarily to see my new partner Benja Aquila for Ryce, and his alt Alejandrorico for Eddi. I do not think we will have much time to go out to clubs, we are still on our honeymoon. . But we plan to return with a vengence during the last half of December, so get ready!

Note:  If you want to know how I have time to blog, I am pre-loaded with content about two weeks in advance.

Thanks for reading, Eddi Haskell/ Ryce Skytower

Ryce Skytower

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  1. Take your time to do what you must do, Eddi, we will be here when you return! ;)


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