Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Strange But Festive Second Life Holiday Destinations: The Descent of Christmas Spirit

Katz Jupiter's The Descent of Christmas Spirit at Slightly Twisted Sim is a masterpiece. I found the build moving and beautiful, but also a bit nightmarish. Instead of the usual read and green holiday colors  and fun reindeer with lighted noses delivering Christmas gifts, dark metallic shades and strange creatures prevail. Sure, there is a Christmas tree, but it is placed on a molten lava volcanic plain. I loved it.

Katz writes the following about The Descent of Christmas Spirit:

An alternative celebration of Christmas. This whimsical sim features installation art and interactive activities for guests: sledding, skiing, skating and more. The gently falling snow and surreal landscape also afford amazing photo opportunities in such a surreal landscape. To fully appreciate the magic of this sim, please enable the wind light settings.

Note from Eddi: I used Windlight Grey Sky Moon when shooting these photographs. It is a standard setting in Firestorm and some other viewers.

Make sure to go underground -- you can take the teleport to various destinations, including a space that is a homage to John and Yoko Lennon, to see some colorful and gorgeous art installations like the four horses below in an enormous blue pyramid show below:

This is a must - see destination for Second Life this holiday season.  It made my list of the top 5 holiday destinations to visit in Second Life. I have a post planned, and will reveal the other destinations this Friday December 21..

To visit The Descent of Christmas Spirit:

To see Katz Jupiter's gorgeous photography over at Flickr:

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