Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Special Event Tomorrow- Twas the Day After Christmas on the Gay Riviera

This comes from Baz Ceawin:

'Twas the Day after Christmas, and on the roof of my house;
was a hung-over Santa ...that gift-giving louse.

I'd asked for a boy toy, with whom I could play;
but damn Santa kept him and flew off in his sleigh.

He'd got drunk with that boy on eggnog galore;
who would have suspected that St. Nick was a whore.

I hear the Gay Riviera party is an all-day-affair;
it's just what is need, humm.. now what to wear?

So off to the party at the Gay Riviera Sim
where I know I can hop on Baz's dance chim.

Khar's stockings are missing, and Kyle's almost bare;
I can't find my pants, but I guess they won't care.

The party's not over 'till the last carol is sung;
So come dance Riviera and keep your Christmas balls hung!


Join us on December 26th!

12p - 2p slt DJ KARL - L$1,000 Best in Raunchy Reindeer
2p - 4p slt DJ RITCH - L$1,000 Best in Naughty Elf
4p - 6P slt DJ WES - L$1,000 Best in Bad Santa

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