Monday, December 17, 2012

Second Life Residents: Please Take This Week's Poll if You Use Microsoft Windows

It Looks Cool, But Can It Function in a Graphics - Intensive Gaming Environment?

This week's poll is just for Microsoft Windows users. (Sorry Mac Users you will have to sit this one out).

This week's question regards Windows 8:

Are you running Windows 8? If not, are you planning to upgrade to Windows 8 in the next 12 months on the primary computer you use for Second Life? Please let us know if you plan to upgrade your software, or buy a new Windows 8 computer in the next 12 months for Second Life.

Please note: Some of you may plan on purchasing a Windows 8 tablet or pad-like device. Windows 8 is being sold on both computers and lightweight devices that do not have the graphics capability for Second Life. Please take this survey just for the primary computer you use or will use for Second Life.

You can find this week's question on the top right hand side of this web page.

The poll expires on December 29.
Note: For some articles on whether or not you should purchase Windows 8 (the subject is controversial), take a look at these links:

JayR's post in Virtual World Technologiest gives good advice (in my opinion) to Second Life Readers:


  1. I have upgraded to Windows 8, and I absolutely love it and would never change back!

  2. I think you would do the Second Life community an enormous service if you were to write about your experiences with this Bock. The word on the street is not good concerning SL and Windows 8


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