Friday, December 7, 2012

Meet Elvis, Our New VKC Kitten - He is Not Very Well Behaved

Benja and I have a new member of our family. Meet Elvis, our VKC (Virtual Kennel Club) kitten. He joins my five dogs, Albert, Boris, Simon, Godiva, and Betsy as our other VKC pets.

Elvis is the first cat made by the VKC.  Unlike the five dogs, he does not automatically respond to command.  The dogs will come if called, but Elvis comes when he feels like it. He also may decide to dart off if you want to pet him.  He is  fun though, and loves his mouse which he will play with -- again, when he feels like it.  The mouse was alive when he adopted him but I think it is dead now, since it won't move when Elvis drops him.

You can find VKC dog breeds, and kittens here at the main locaiton at Turning Isle:

Ryce and Elvis

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