Sunday, December 23, 2012

Gorgeous Destinations for the Holdiay Season: Glacier Island

Glacier Island has great natural winter scenery and fun Christmas things to look at -- all connected by a toy train that you can ride and get on and off at whatever catches your imagination. Realism takes back seat to fun, and there is nothing wrong with that if the build is done right.

Glacier Island reminded me of a child's vision of what the North Pole would be like at Christmas, complete with the oh-so-cute Polar Bears (shown below) which you can walk right up to -- and which would eat you rip you to shreds in the real world if you got to close to them. I thought the entire effect of the place was very cute.

Beware that they will boot you out if you were running too many scripts-- after sending you a message to remove scripted attachments to comply.  It did not take much to trigger the warning- so take your huds and other things off before you visit.

SLURL to Destination:

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