Monday, December 3, 2012

Fashion and Styling: Ryce Likes His New Redgrave "Chained Desire" Gold Mesh Working Watch

Redgrave, the classic Second Life fashion and styling retailer for men's and women's clothes, skins, and accessories, has introduced a highly realistic working mesh watch called Chained Desire.

Redgrave scores again with this watch. It keeps correct time, is programmable, and looks highly realistic.  Like all Redgrave products, it is very well designed. (Note:  if you purchase a mesh or other expensive watch make sure it works. Some merely are designed without working hands and are merely ornamentla jewlery.

The watch is available in both Gold and Silver and is resonably priced at 250 Linden. They make a nice Christmas gift.

Check out the Redgrave mesh sunglasses when you are there, they are located nearby and are also well done.

SLURL to Redgrave Island"

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