Saturday, December 15, 2012

Congratulations To The Pornstar's Blog for Passing One Million Views

Ryce and  I want to congratulate our very good friend and mega-pornstar Emmanuelle Jameson (formerly Jennnnna) who has just passed one million page views for her huge blog, Pornstars, Second Life's number one sex web sex oriented publication.

We also want to congratulate Serenity Juneberry, the editor of Pornstars, for reaching this milestone. One million page views is huge!

Second Life's sex machinima industry has come a long way, mostly due to the efforts of Emmanuelle and her staff and colleagues.  It is now highly  professional and provides great entertainment to the thousands of viewers who access it every week.

The porn industry in Second Life is mostly heterosexual oriented, with some bi films released. There simply is a not much of a market for gay porn in Second Life. My guess is that many gay men in Second Life live on a virtual porn set anyway, and would rather be participating in live virtual sex than just watch it as bystanders, but I could be wrong.

On a more personal note Emmanuelle (who I call JJ) has been a great friend for several years, and is one of the nicest and kindest people I have known in Second Life. And I am not her only friend who feels this way. So from Ryce and myself, congratulations again, and we are looking forward to your second million page views!

You can see her article here:

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