Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Benja and I Have A New Home- The Millenium II Yacht Designed By Blaze Nielsen

The Millenium II Docked in DMC Marinas

Benja and I are living onboard a large yacht, the Millenium II, which is moored right near my old gallery at beautiful  DMC Marinas. The yacht is gorgeous, and is a dream home for both of us. Our living arangement resembles something out of the show The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, and is a big changed from the cramped skybox which has served as my home for the past year.

To see the Millenium II and the other yachts, homes and furnishings  at Barlett and Nielsen:

Ryce Skytower and Blaze Nielsen, Designer of the Ship

The Millenium II is desgined by Blaze Nielsen, a friend of mine for many years. Blaze is unquestionably the greatest yacht designed in Second Life. He also designs and sells great skyboxes (you can see my review of his Orient Express Skybox here), houses, and other home furnishings at Bartlett and Nielsen, one of the largest design emporiums in Second Life.

A night view of the Millenium II

The interior of the Millenium II is equipped wth very well designed furnishings the evoke the interior of the World is not Enough, the fasted superyacht in the world, on which it is based.  I show actual images of the actual yacht's interior, along with a video of the yacht, at the end of the photographs.

The impressive bow of the Millenium II

The yacht is loaded with very hot sex animations in beds, hot tubs, and a very hot pool table that make the ship a floating pleasure palace. Benja and I really are still discoveing everything that the ship has to offer and are really enjoying ourselves.

This pool table is hot -- it turns into a 300 pose hot sex bed with the click of a switch
The Millenium is a deal at 30,000 Linden. It sounds expensive but is not considering everything that has gone into it, including over 2,000 animations.

The prim count is suprisingly low at 1236,, can can be lowered a bit if you wish to remove some of the furnishings.

To see the Millenium II and the other yachts, homes and furnishings  at Barlett and Nielsen:

The Millienium II comes in Black and White

The actual Millenium II interior comes equpped with the furnishings shown in these photographs (there are more) at no extra charge. I found the furnishings appropriate and elegant for the yacht.

The central dual staircase which connects the three levels of the yacht

Elegant furnishings on the main deck

The master bedroom on the main level of the yacht has a hot tub behind the wall founatin.

This bar is on the top level of the yacth

The dining table, opposite the galley on the lower level of the yacht

About the actual superyacht that inspired the Millenium II:

The Millenium II is based on the World is not Enough, built by Millenium Super Yachts of Palm Beach, Florida. I live near Palm Beach and have seen the actual ship sailing on the Intercoastal Waterway - it is truly impressive.

The World is not Enough  is the only yacht to have reached 70 knots. or 81 mph, more than double the speed of most fast yachts. She is propelled by two Paxman diesel engines and two Lycoming gas turbines, producing a staggering 20600hp. But she is not just about speed - her interior, designed by Evan K. Marshall, can accommodate 10 guests and, as these photographs show, is as luxurious as any yacht  ever constructed.

To find out more:

This You Tube video shows the World is not Enough at high speed:


  1. Beautiful boat and as you know i lived on a yacht for a while this past summer and loved it.
    It is a good change of pace to experiment living in different environments.

  2. Oooooo what a lavish and classy lifestyle, it looks wonderful guys! ;)


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