Tuesday, December 11, 2012

An Update: My Real Life Work Crunch Will Be Over This Week

Hi everyone. It looks like my real life work crunch (I am working long hours trying to help a technology company expand internationally) is coming to an end on Saturday.  You should see more of Ryce and myself then. I am coming in now, but only to take care of some immediate things and, most importantly, spend time with my new amazing partner  Jandro / Benja Aquilla, who I am madly in love with.

Honeymoons are incredible, and I want ours to last forever. We celebrate our first anniversay on Thursday.

If I have been ignoring your IMs and other requests, please do not take it personally, and I do apologize to you for doing so. I will be hitting the scene (with Benja hopefully) next week.

Thanks for reading, and hope you are preparting for a great Christmas and New Years.


Eddi and Benja

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