Monday, November 5, 2012

My Technorati Rankings: #3 for Second Life Blogs- But #8 in World Politics, As High As Anderson Cooper's Blog?

I checked my Technorati rankings today. Technorati is a well known search engine that tracks blogs. Technorati rates each blog's "authority," the number of unique blogs linking to the blog over the previous six months.

I was searching for my Second Life ranking, something I have not done in a while.  I put the term "Second Life" in the primary blog search engine and eliminated those blogs which do not have at least 50% of their content focus on Second Life or Virtual Worlds.

This blog ranks as the #3 Second Life blog in influence, behind New World Notes and Second Nights.
I think this is believable, this blog has been around for 4 years and has over 1,000 page views a day on average. In the past, this blog has ranked as high as #5, so if Technorati says I am #3 this year, I will not argue.

But here is where things get unbelievable.

Here is my master Technorati rankings by category.  Overall, this blog ranks as #4396 in the entire English-speaking blogsphere in terms of authority- over 120 million blogs are ranked. This sounds very high to me, but hey, I will take it.

Now here is where things get strange. When I clicked through on the categories above today that this blog was ranked, I came up with the following positions on the main listing page.

Most of this blog's rankings came up at top 20. For technology blogs, this blog is #3. They are listing all technology blogs, not just Second Life ones.

Really?  Number 3?  By reviewing what, viewers and photo editors? Surely there have to be other blogs that are far more important!

In terms of Fashion blogs (listed in the "Living" category), this blog comes in at number 8. This is not Second Life fashion, but ALL fashion.

What a joke! Do they realize Eddi and Ryce are avatars, and my wardrobe has not been updated in over a year?  Maybe it is Ryce's perfect washboard abs and soccer-balls butt that is turning someone on at Technorati!  In real life, I am sitting here in warm Florida in a t-shirt and some some old shorts and sandals, so they cannot be talking me about a fashion icon any way!

Now this is what I am most proud of. In terms of World Politics, this blog comes in at 8, only two spots below hunky Anderson Cooper's blog. Anderson, besides being gay, gorgeous and filthily rich (his mother is Gloria Vanderbilt) is one of the most respected news broadcasters in the world on CNN.  Look at the hunk, has premature grey hair ever looked as good on anyone?

Watch it Muscle Boy!  Eddi's Moving on Your Turf!
There is only one problem. I do not cover world politics here.  I do cover the U.S. Presidential Election set for tomorrow, and gay rights issues occasionally around the world. But World Politics?  Forget it!  Unless that World is Second Life.

But as the old saying goes, you are never too good to take any compliment that comes your way no matter how ridiculous it is.  So on that note, Thank you Technorati for the recognition!


  1. Great ratings Eddi, my mentor. Warmest congratulations!

    1. Thanks Bock, but I do not believe it. Fashion authority? It might go to Ryce's head and double the size of the bubble inside there.


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