Friday, November 2, 2012

Masterwork Machinima: Celestial Elf's Widely Anticipated New Work, The Mead of Poetry

Master machinima artist Celestial Elf, whose work this blog covers and eagerly anticipates, scores yet again. Tje Mead of Poetry is a new poetic account of an ancient Norse tale that is inspired by Tolkien. The artistic values are of the highest possible order, and the machinima is entertaining and fun to watch.

Celestial Elf writes the following about the machinima:

The Mead Of Poetry is a new poetic account of an ancient Norse tale that is inspired by Tolkien. The Mead,  also known as Mead of Suttungr is a mythical beverage that whomsoever drinks 'becomes a skald or scholar' able to recite any information and solve any question. The drink is a vivid metaphor for poetic inspiration, often associated with Odin the God of 'possession' via berserker rage or poetic inspiration.

Highly recommended for viewing.

Filmed on Firestorm Beta Mesh,
With Windows XP using Fraps and Serif MoviePlus X3.

For more information:

To see more of Celestial Elf's masterworks:

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