Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Great Second Life Destinations: Mossflower Schumann's PickleSong, a Spooky Underground Landscape

Despite the Scary Serpent, Picklesong is A Gorgeous Second Life Destination

Mossflower Schumann is a great Second Life landscape designer. In July, I reviewed and photographed her incredible PickleMoon build here.  PickleSong, shown on these photographs, is a complimentary build, but darker and hidden in caves and caverns. The serpent above that greets you as you enter the build sets the theme mood for this wonderfully spooky landscape.

I really like the trees below. They remind me of the one that went after Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz after she pulled an apple off it.

You can visit PickleSong here.  Very recommended!  Make sure to visit PickleMoon, the sim next door,  while you are there-they compliment each other.


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