Sunday, November 18, 2012

Great Second Life Destinations: Hairy Hippo Fun Land in Bay City

View of Hairy Hippo Amusement Park showing Parachute Ride and Roller Coaster in Background

The  Hairy Hippo Fun Land Amusement Park in Bay City, Linden Lab's best Second Life development,  is a great build.  It is located on the Weston and Oak Bluff Sims.  The build reminds me of the old amusement park in Santa Cruz California south of San Francisco; a bit dilapidated and run down, but full of really great atmosphere.

Hairy Hippo Amusement Park Pier
Several rides works (I love working amusement park rides in Second Life) including the Parachute Jump and Ferris wheel. However, the most impressive ride, the Roller Coaster, which is really a well done build, is for display only.    It is a shame because this would be amazing if it worked.  I do not think current viewer technology would allow for the rapid frame rates that a virtual ride would require.

I highly recommend a trip to Bay City to see this, the creepy next-door aquarium, and the working draw bridge ferry system. I give SLURL's to the rides under the photographs below.


You can see my recent post on Bay City's working ferry here:

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To find out more about Bay City:

SLURL to Ferris Wheel:

SLURL to Parachute Jump:

SLURL to Roller Coaster (ride is inoperable)

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