Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fashion and Styling: The Redgrave Milano Tuxedo and Evening Suit

Chayce Silverfall models the very well made and highly realistic Redrgrave Milano Suit here black.  Milano costs $850 Linden and comes complete with jacket, shirt, tie, vest, and trousers. You can wear the suit with and without the jacket and tie.

The suit also comes in Steel, a very dark gray color.

An after-show pack consisting of an extra tie, and lose bow tie can be purchased for $250 Linden additional.

The suit is  versatile enough to function both as a formal Tuxedo and as a less formal evening suit. The detailing and styling are excellent. The suit includes sculpted jacket and other components that are resizable, which gives similar realism to mesh without the constraints of having to redo your body shape if you are broad-shouldered much like athletic Chayce.

Chayce is also wearing Redgrave Elegance Shoes in black.  The shoes cost $390 Linden and also come in Silver/White, Grey, Brown, and Mokka.

Details of Chayce's outfit:

Redgrave Milano Suit in Black  $850 Linden

Redgrave Elegance Shoes in Black:  $390 Linden

The Blue Boutonnière is extra.

To visit the Redgrave Men's and Women's Store:

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