Saturday, November 10, 2012

Easy Photography Techniques: How to Correct Your Image Lighting in One Step

Original Image with no light correction

Many Second Life photographers and bloggers do not bother correcting their image lighting. They can end up with an under-exposed image like the one above (common for Second Life), or an overexposed image which is far too bright.

Correcting this is easy. It does not require Photoshop, and can be done with the click of a button with free programs.


 Image Corrected with Microsoft 

Microsoft Office Picture Manager, which many Windows readers use as their default picture management program, provides a one step fix for light correction. Look at how better the image above looks.  You simply use the automatic light fix control here:


Corrected with Picasa

Picasa, the Google picture management and sharing program also includes some great image management tools. I do not bother using Photoshop for much of my basic image work since Picasa is so good in what it offers for free and saves so much time.

You can download Picasa here:


Corrected with Picmonkey

Picmonkey, an online Photo editor (the old paid Picnik program that was picked up and spun off by Google), has some very good image processing techniques available for free. One-step light correction (do not use automatic image adjustment unless you want your color corrected) is also available:

Picmonkey has some great tools for images and publishing available for free

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