Friday, November 30, 2012

Second Life Photo of the Day: Two Ryce Portraits for Benja

Must-See Second Life Destinations: Steamed Custard - An Incredible Steampunk City In The Sky

Egg Mannonen's Steamed Custard is an incredible build on an area that is only one sixth of a sim - 9000 square meters, and 2000 meters up in the sky.  Many things rotate and move here, including atmospheric debris, smoke, and moving gears. Although the build is called Steampunk, it is also reminiscent of mainstream science fiction - one of those huge rusted Empire warships comes to mind in Star Wars.

You can rent a house and live at Steamed Custard (if any are available).  It is a great place to walk around and admire the effort and love put into the design of the build.

To visit Steamed Custard:

Avatar Hunk of the Day: Meet My New Partner and Fiancee - Alejandrorico, Benja Aquila's Second Life Alt

Alejandrorico, Eddi Haskell's new Partner and Benja Aquila's alt

Most people who know me in Second Life by now know that Ryce Skytower, my very public alt, is partnered and engaged, and madly in love, with handsome Benja Aquila from Spain.

But Eddi Haskell was still single. And I do not like being single much, especially when Benja is the man who I am in love with.

Meet my new Second Life partner and fiancee, Alejandrorico, or Jandro.  Jandro is Benja's new Second Life alt, who he made just for the purpose of partnering Eddi. Benja really pleased me by creating Janro, -- a gorgeous guy from Puerto Rico with smoldering dark handsome looks. I find guys Latin guys in general too sexy and handsome for words, but I think this is too much information already.

Eddi/Ryce and Jandro/Benja are partners and fiancees and madly in love.  Although you will find me in Second Life as Ryce more than Eddi these days, you may see Eddi and Jandro around at odd times.

For anyone who is not a Second Life Resident, I am sure this is all way too confusing --- but virtual reality lets avatars have all sorts of fun that real life does not.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Benja and Ryce at the Rose Theater

Sora and Orson- Congratulations to the Newlywed Couple -- I Have A New Brother In Law

Newlyweds Sora Bluebird and Orson Nerium 

My Second Life best brother DJ Sora Bluebird married handsome Orson Nerium last night.  Sora really is a brother, I love him and look foward to seeing him whenever I can.  I want to congratulate the both of them, and want to welcome Orson to my family as my new brother-in-law.

These guys are very much in love and are made for each other. Good luck to both of you and all the best!

My new brother-in-law Orson

Bock in SecondLife: The NOH8 Project

Take a look at Bock's blog for photographs from avatars who have volunteered for this important project

Bock in SecondLife: The NOH8 Project: I have now published pictures from all the avatars who have been kind enough to supply me with their NOH 8 -pictures so far. More picture...

Great Second Life Destinations: Virtual Toronto With a Working Subway - But Only One Stop

Freecilla Kuhn's virtual Toronto is a great build. I thought she did a good job of capturing the essence of this dynamic city which is the business heart of Canada and the fifth biggest in North America, right behind Mexico City, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. The sim is a showcase for her TRP360 3D Works series of builds which are some of the most realistic in Second Life, and which you can purchase here.

I particularly liked riding the realistic subway car in a good reproduction of the Dundas Street subway station even though the subway system here only has one stop - Dundas Street. There is also a good Street Car that takes you around the sim.  The billboards and lighting are very well done.

Well worth a visit. Here is the SLURL to the destination:

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ryce Skytower Shares Some Real Life Photographs With Our Readers

Second Lifer Ryce Skytower's Real Life modeling career is taking off and he was nice enough to share some of his recent images with our readers.

Courtesy of

Ryce Skytower's Second Life: Photos From The Twink Hunter Foam Party on Saturday Night

For mature rated photography from the event head on over to Ryce's blog (readers 18 and over please):

Ryce Skytower's Second Life: The Twink Hunter Foam Party on Saturday Night

Great Second Life Destinations: Joy of Steampunk Museum - Celebrate the Creators of SL Steampunk

The Joy of Steampunk Museum is a tribute to the makers, creators and builders of steampunk in Second Life. You explore the balloons and airships, browse the steampunk directory in Tesla Station or take an underwater tram around interesting sea-life such as a kraken or giant squid.   There is also a spooky ghost train that rides above the city.   The museum also contains many of the artifacts from the excellent but now closed Nemo Submarine Steampunk City such as the large ship above. The construction of the massive Victorian-era build is also very well done. A must-see destination. 


Engaged, and Thank You President Obama

Ryce Skytower and Benja Aquila became engaged to be married last night (date not yet set) and would like to personally thank President Obama for displaying their engagement portrait at this morning's White House Press conference. 

Happy Birthday! Eddi Haskell's Second Life is Four Years Old Today

In 4 years, this blog has published over 5,100 posts and has over 1,000,000 unique page views.  We now rank as one of the four most influential Second Life blogs according to Technorati.

Let's see what the next 4 years holds!