Monday, October 8, 2012

You Read It Here First - My Election Prediction Comes True

Romney Bashed Obama And Won the First Debate - But Was It A Knockout?

I do not want to brag (yeah right Eddi) but my election predictions published on September 25  have come true.

Back then, President Obama was leading Mitt Romney by 3.8% in the average of leading polls. Most pundits thought President Obama was a shoe-in for reelection on November 6.

Things have changed in the past two weeks. Mitt Romney overwhelmed President Obama in a televised debate on October 3. Granted, Mitt Romney totally changed his positions yet again to that of a moderate in the debate, but no one seems to care much.

Right now, due to Obama's horrible debate performance, the two candidates are tied in the polls, with Mitt Romney up 4% in one major poll released this afternoon, the Pew Poll.  We very well might have a Republican President and Congress in control in the United States next February.  If anyone thinks this is a potential recipe for worldwide disaster, I would have to agree.

What did I predict on September 25 when most everyone had conceded the election to President Obama?
Here is what I wrote:

Can things change by November 6?

The answer is that everything depends on the 3 scheduled Presidential debates in the month of October, on the 3, 16, and 22 at 9:00 PM East Coast Time. In addition, there is a Vice Presidential debate scheduled for October 11.

If Mitt Romney does better than expected (due to his statements of late, his expectations are low), or trips President Obama up, the election can swing in his direction. The month of October is very volatile.

What are my own projections?

I do not think President Obama will retain his big lead. I think the election will come down to the wire. This is why we need to make sure every single Obama supporter gets out and votes.

What do I predict now?

Right now, the three remaining debates are important.  Two are set for the next 10 days.

The Vice Presidential debate on October 11 is not as important as the next Presidential Debate on October 16, but get ready for two big Democratic wins. Vice President Biden (who I used to intern for in college) will
make radical Paul Ryan seem like an amateur-granted one with a nice gym toned body.  And I predict that President Obama will do a much better job on October 16 than people think.

Who will win the election on November 6?

I am not sure.  I will issue my prediction here on November 5.  As of right now, it all depends on who can get out their vote in  the key undecided states that will decide the election - the largest being my state of Florida.  And if the phone rings one more time before dinner asking me to make sure to get out and vote, I am ready to rip it out of the wall and throw it out the window!

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  1. Great post Eddi. Ohio is another critical state. We must all vote. Every vote is important and counts. I will not feel it is over until it is over. I take nothing for granted. Great post.


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