Friday, October 19, 2012

Why Are Second Life LGBT Bloggers Missing From "Blogging Second Life's" Directory? And What To Do To Make Sure You Are Listed.

Where are the blogs with LGBT content?

I was reading Second Life Uberbog New World Notes this morning and came across this article-
"Second Life Blog Stats: Almost 2000 SL Blogs, Most on Fashion, Trending Toward Image-Only Posts".

I was curious to see if this blog was listed. It was not. Neither were the blogs for most of the Second Life LGBT bloggers I know.

You can check to see if your blog is listed here:

I highly doubt that this list is "near conclusive" as is claimed.  I also do not know how relevant this list is,  but if New World Notes covers it, it must be somewhat relevant. I filled out the form to be listed-- but remain curious -- and to be frank, a bit concerned --.why so many in the LGBT Second Life community are not listed.

I am not interested in receiving fashion review copies since I do not want to be contacted by PR people inworld -- i get way too many instant messages when I am online as is from people who want coverage here.

You can fill out the directory and listing applications here:

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