Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Biggest Mistake Most People Make When Designing the Shape of A Male Avatar Is:

Nocole's Legs Are Longer Than Tom's

The biggest mistake most people make when designing or changing the shape of a male avatar is leg length.  Many male avatars in Second Life have legs that are in proportion for a female, but not for a male.

Classic male beauty can best be summed up this way in this 2006 article from The Independent (yes, I know Tom is no longer married to Nicole):

According to new research, the perfect shape for a woman is legs that are 1.4 times the length of her upper body, as in Ms Kidman's case. But in men, shorter legs, the same length as the torso, are the most appealing. Tom Cruise, while shorter than his ex-wife, actually enjoys just such proportions.

Researchers believe the attraction for long legs in women and shorter versions in men may have evolved for different reasons. Long legs may be a sign of good health and good childbearing capabilities in women, while short legs may make men looked more muscular.

Non-modifiable shapes from a good store  like Agape are usually in correct proportion. Those that people modify frequently have legs inappropriate for men. Make sure that your leg length is about the same as your torso length and not in excess so you can look like Tom and not Nicole when you hit the clubs.

Eddi's Agape Shape is in correct proportion.


  1. bro, i have tried having a shape like that before. Even during that moment you have made me have then proportional, but if you go outside, you are rotuled as underaged avatar for it for beeing short. At least on my case. Chu chu love yas.

  2. Yes, if your shape has a maximum height then the only way to be taller is to make your legs bigger. I had this problem with the original Eddi before I upgraded to new Agape shape two weeks ago. Although my original shape (Tony from QX) was a normal height in January 2007, avatars have grown taller, and I was now small. The only way I could grow was to have female proportioned legs - longer than the rest of my torso. So I had this problem too which is one of the reasons I updated myself.


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