Monday, October 22, 2012

Second Life Gripped By Reports of Virtual VD Infections- Have You Seen This Mysterious Woman in Hot Pink Stockings?

Beware of the Hussy Avataress Wearing These:  She is Everyone's Pal!

Second Life was gripped by reports of virtual VD yesterday- a dangerous condition in which any installation of any viewer on a victim's computer fails.  The consequences are uncontrollable fits of anger at Linden Lab when worthless new technologies are introduced, and a desire to wretch and vomit if the words "mesh" or "Pathfinder" are ever heard or used in writing.

Other symptoms of this debilitating social disease include uncontrollable sexual urges whenever a turkey baster or similar apparatus is seen, and a violent urge to destroy any device which plays more than one song by Justin Bieber per week.

So remember:  Be on the lookout for this wanton hussy wearing the hot pink stockings, or you too may be her next man bait.

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  1. Ziggy, you could not possibly know the identity of this wanton hussy could you?

  2. I have no idea who this trollop is...


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