Saturday, October 20, 2012

Please Vote For Your Favorite Second Life Blogs Over At New World Notes

Hamlet Au at Second Life Uberblog New World Notes is creating a Reader's Choice List.

He is asking that all Second Life Residents  post their favorite blogs in Comments, and he will  list those with the most total nominations. Here are the guidelines published by Hamlet: 

List your favorite five or less, but no more than five.

Post the blog URL, please, not just the name of the blog! But after posting the URL, feel free to write a short description.

What's "an SL blog"? For the purpose of this list, any blog that's at least 30% about Second Life content, and OpenSim also applies.

Yes, you can plug your own blog.

The blog must have new content at least once a month.

One post per reader, please. And yes, I'll know if you post multiple comments, which will then be disqualified.

The blogs which are nominated the most times will be part of the Reader's Choice list, so be sure to tell other fans of the blogs you like to come here and post their nominations too.

To vote for your favorite blogs:

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