Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Perfectly Creepy Second Life Destinations on Halloween Day: The Bay City Aquarium

The sim-sized Bay City Aquarium is a very creepy place to visit. The film director Alfred Hitchcock came to mind for me as I walked around.  The first thing that you will notice is the deserted feel of the place.  I was the only one I noticed on the sim during the few times I took these photographs. The second thing you will notice, particularly in the round building, are the very strange and scary sea creatures that look like they may have just eaten their guests. I genuinely had a sense of dread walking around this place which is the main reason why it is so wonderful to visit on Halloween Day.

Let's open our tour with a view of the penguin viewing area. Although these penguin are stuffed and do not move around, the manage to look creepy.  You can also see the penned off areas around the islands from this vantage point. You can also see the abandoned roller coaster at the Bay City Amusement Park n the next sim from here -- another creepy to visit if you have the time.

SLURL to the penguin viewing area:

Our next stop on our creepy tour is the long building.  This is the most traditional aquarium building, one that looks like it really smells from brackish aquarium water.  You can look at sea life such as jelly fish and sharks through the portholes into the giant fish tanks behind.

I noticed a sky diving board with a "feed the sharks" sign (or something like this) nearby at the shark pen  which showed a sick sense of humor- I loved it.

SLURL to long aquarium building:

We now walk through the underwater tunnel which nearly spans the length of the sim, where you can view sharks and giant rays and other sea animals including the gorgeous whale in the first photo that will dart at you in the water -- probably wondering if you will be thrown to them during feeding time.

SLURL to the Underwater Tunnel

We now get to the creepiest place on our aquarium tour- the large round building, which we are advised not to enter. The moving sea animal with tentacles that tries to grab you for dinner if you get to close to it, and the giant lobster (or whatever it is) that does not look happy in it's very small pond are very well done-- and simply gruesome.  If you read the signs under the displays, you will realize why you should not be inside the building. No one it seems manages to come out alive.

Well recommended as a must-see Second Life destination, especially for Halloween week.

SLURL to round aquarium building:

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