Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Great Second Life Destinations: New Brighton Pier, A Construction in Progress for A Great Victorian-Era Treasure Which Needs Your Help

Bernard Herzog's New Brighton Pier is the second Second Life iteration of Brighton's  old West Pier. Brighton is Britain's most famous beach resort, around an hour south of London by train. It is famous for its quirky Victorian and Regency-era architecture as well as its great gay nightlife in the Kemp Town area.

The West Pier, of which Bernard's New Brighton Pier aims to replicate, was closed to the public for eventual renovation in 1975, but was then destroyed in a series of fires and storms.  Building on its place is a 141 meter high modern sky observation platform, the i360, which will hopefully raise enough visitor interest and funds in at lease partially rebuilding the old Victorian-era treasure.  You can see a great You Tube video which shows a virtualization of what the West Pier was like here.  Bernard's i360 on the New Brighton Sim can be seen as the slender tower the left of this photo below.

What Bernard has done so far is well worth visiting and makes it a must-see Second Life destination. He hopes to get more productive soon and finish the project, but needs more business to make the project economically viable.  I thought the pier would be a great location for a club which could rent some space and provide Bernard with an income, and drive business to retail locations in the reconstruction of Brighton Town at the base of the sim. Please contact Bernard Herzog if you would like to move or open a business on amazing New Brighton.


To find out more about the West Pier:

To see images of the old pier at this location in Second Life (Bernard Herzog's first build):

SLURL to destination:

The West Pier 100 Years Ago


  1. Thanks for the write up Eddi :) The pier currently under construction will be a fairly accurate representation of the first 1/5th of Brighton Pier - formerly known as Palace Pier - as it is today. Brighton's second pier, West Pier, is sadly all but gone now and it seems very unlikely that it will ever be rebuilt - in the real world. Both piers have a rich history. They evolved from relatively simple walkways to allow disembarkation from ships into highly ornate pleasure palaces over the sea, featuring botanical gardens, concert halls and all manner of amusements. I would love to recreate both piers as they were in their prime. Not a small project obviously, but hopefully there will be enough interest and financial backing to make it happen.

    1. Thank you for your clarification Bernard, and I love your project. It reminds me so much of the real Brighton which is one of my favorite places to visit in the U.K.


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