Thursday, October 11, 2012

Eddi's Take on the U.S. Elections and The Vice Presidential Debate Tonight - "There's No Business Like Show Business"

Republican Congressman Paul Ryan prepares for tonight's debate

The eyes of the entire world will be on the United States Vice Presidential Debate tonight at 9:00 PM East Coast Time. Vice President Joe Biden, who is both funny and tough, will face off against low body  Republican Paul Ryan.  Entertainment and fireworks appear to be in store.

The Vice Presidential Debate is usually seen as a sideshow to the much more important Presidential debates.
For one things, the Vice Presidency of the United States has been considered a bit of a do-nothing job.  The Vice President fills in for the President at funerals and waits around just in case the President dies in office or resigns as Nixon did in 1973.  As one Vice President, John Nance Garner famously put it in the 1930's, "The Vice Presidency is not worth a bucket of warm spit", spit being a euphemism for another word similar to it that was seen unfit to print.

However, this time it is very important. Mitt Romney is now up in the polls over President Obama, and will win unless the Democrats show more guts and fire and inspire their base to get out and vote. Mitt Romney totally creamed President Obama in the October 3 debate, and moved up at least 5 points in the average of polls as a result. Democrats are in shock right now' since they were in command of the polls through the entire month of September, and may very well lose the November 6 election.

The situation as of early morning on October 11 - Romney Moves Ahead

My Take:

I feel like I am bragging a bit, but I predicted the tie up of the Presidential race here on September 25. I also do not think the television pundits and most of the news media really understands why Mitt Romney has moved ahead so fast.

I will give you my theory -- that the U.S.elections now have less to do with things like policy and positions, and more to do with -----------show business! It is not WHAT candidates say and believe in, but HOW they say it, and the stagecraft and scripting involved, that ultimately decides elections.

In this age of Twitter posts, news read being via pad devices, and average voter attention spans of about 45 seconds, what voters -- and the sheepish media --- care about are looks, image, and sound bites. The U.S. Election has turned into something resembling American Idol.  How can I say this?  Handsome Mitt Romney (the dude looks like a President and sounds like one if he is stopped thinking out loud) got away with murder by totally recanting his far-right positions that won him the Republican nomination in the first place. Does anyone seem to care? Not really. Does anyone care that he is feisty and smooth sounding? They sure do!

So what should you be looking for in the debate tonight, and the two upcoming and crucial Presidential debates that follow? The answer is simple. Look for the candidates and party who realizes that the election is mostly about show business these days, and fires up their supporters enough to get out and vote.

Come Through for Us Tonight Uncle Joe Biden!

Joe Biden understands this and will be on fire tonight.  He needs to pin Paul Ryan down and show how his far-right policies will continue to destroy living standards of all Americans who need to work for a living. And he will be entertaining in the process.

The Secret Weapon

President Obama  needs to show that he wants the job more than he did in the last debate next Tuesday. I think he will, and we will see a reenergized campaign.  How do I know this?  We Democrats have a secret weapon -- the fiery first lady,  Michele Obama. I am sure she will be the best debating coach he can find. And she will not put up with him losing another debate.  I would be scared to fail a second time if I were President Obama.

But in the meantime, make sure to see Nathan Lane in this video below letting us know what it is going to take to win this election.  After all, there is No Business like Show Business!


  1. "The Vice President fills in for the President at funerals and waits around just in case the President dies in office, something that last happened in 1973."

    Just to be clear: That would be 1963. If Trick Dick had died while in office...

    1. I stand corrected! Yes, Nixon resigned in office and did not die.


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