Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Eddi's Before and After Profile Pictures

Eddi Haskell 2008
A bit older. And hopefully, a bit wiser.

Eddi Haskell 2012


  1. You look great. Well done makeover my friend. :)

  2. The makeover is wonderful you look pixelicious.
    Will Mr. Skytower get the same treatment in the near future?

    1. Sean, Ryce is going to remain just as he is -- whenever I try to change him people ask that he go back to being his blond California surfer self. So not yet. But thamks for the compliments about Eddi!

    2. Hmm, well couldn't you still keep the blond California surfer look, just updated? Like Spicoli 80's to Max Hodges 2012. Same look just more current. Not that Ryce needs a change at all, just saying.


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