Saturday, October 13, 2012

Attention Fellow Google Blogger Authors: Make Sure Your Settings for your Comments are Optimal For Your Audience

Eddi's Blogger Settings for Comments. 

Attention fellow Google Blogger authors- if you have a Google Blogger blog, your settings for comments are crucial to facilitate readership.

Here are my settings.

1.  I allow anyone to comment, but moderate all my comments since my blog will never run anything negative about any other Second Life resident for any reason. Some people say negative things about other residents in comments, and I make sure to filter them out.

2. I do not run word verification. I hate having to type in the illegible code (see example below), and Google does a good job of filtering out the spam. You might want to skip this step as a test and see what happens as a service to your readers.

3. Make sure backlinks are checked -- this way people can more easily link to your blog post.

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