Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sceen around the Scene: Brice Udimo and Ryce Skytower at Aqua Lounge

Perfectly Creepy Second Life Destinations on Halloween Day: The Bay City Aquarium

The sim-sized Bay City Aquarium is a very creepy place to visit. The film director Alfred Hitchcock came to mind for me as I walked around.  The first thing that you will notice is the deserted feel of the place.  I was the only one I noticed on the sim during the few times I took these photographs. The second thing you will notice, particularly in the round building, are the very strange and scary sea creatures that look like they may have just eaten their guests. I genuinely had a sense of dread walking around this place which is the main reason why it is so wonderful to visit on Halloween Day.

Let's open our tour with a view of the penguin viewing area. Although these penguin are stuffed and do not move around, the manage to look creepy.  You can also see the penned off areas around the islands from this vantage point. You can also see the abandoned roller coaster at the Bay City Amusement Park n the next sim from here -- another creepy to visit if you have the time.

SLURL to the penguin viewing area:

Our next stop on our creepy tour is the long building.  This is the most traditional aquarium building, one that looks like it really smells from brackish aquarium water.  You can look at sea life such as jelly fish and sharks through the portholes into the giant fish tanks behind.

I noticed a sky diving board with a "feed the sharks" sign (or something like this) nearby at the shark pen  which showed a sick sense of humor- I loved it.

SLURL to long aquarium building:

We now walk through the underwater tunnel which nearly spans the length of the sim, where you can view sharks and giant rays and other sea animals including the gorgeous whale in the first photo that will dart at you in the water -- probably wondering if you will be thrown to them during feeding time.

SLURL to the Underwater Tunnel

We now get to the creepiest place on our aquarium tour- the large round building, which we are advised not to enter. The moving sea animal with tentacles that tries to grab you for dinner if you get to close to it, and the giant lobster (or whatever it is) that does not look happy in it's very small pond are very well done-- and simply gruesome.  If you read the signs under the displays, you will realize why you should not be inside the building. No one it seems manages to come out alive.

Well recommended as a must-see Second Life destination, especially for Halloween week.

SLURL to round aquarium building:

Hot News: Brad Pitt Contributed $100,000 and Campaigns for LGBT Marriage Legalization

Brad Pitt Leading the Charge Against Social Neanderthals
Brad Pitt is on our side!  There are statewide propositions in four of the United States- Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington - to legalize same-sex marriage (Minnesota's will stop a constitutional amendment from passing to ban it). Gay marriage advocates hope the actor's $100,000 donation to the Human Rights Campaign's National Marriage Fund will provide an edge.

The hunky Mr. Pitt says the following:

"It's unbelievable to me that people's lives and relationships are literally being voted on in a matter of days," Pitt wrote in an email going out Wednesday to supporters of the gay rights group. "In Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington, voters will go to the polls to decide if gay and lesbian couples — our friends and neighbors — are worthy of the same protections as everyone else."

To read more:,0,2325909.story

Brad Pitt in Fight Club
You Opposed to LGBT Equality?  Want to go to the Ring with me?

November Issue of Gay Meeting Point is Out Featuring an Interview with DJ InsyX

This is a great publication serving the gay community in Second Life.  Check out the interview with DJ InsyX.  Congrats to Publisher Jaopedro Oh for a great job.

Link to printable and more readable issue:

Club Photography: The Aqua Lounge Halloween Party on Tuesday Night with DJ Kaj

Classic Cinema: Whatever Happened to Baby Jane Premieres 50 Years Ago Tonight, A Camp Classic for the Ages

Guess what's for dinner Joan?
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, one of the campiest and nastiest movies of all time premiered 50 years ago tonight.  The movie really was perfect for release on Halloween since it was psychological horror.

Baby Jane starred Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, two Hollywood legends who were getting on in years,  as two showbiz sisters who get on each other nerves throughout the flick (to say the least). Joan Crawford plays the crippled sister who Bette Davis cares for out of guilt due to her complicity in a car accident (or so it seems but I will not give the plot away).  In this famous clip, Davis  serves Joan a special treat for lunch.

Director Walter Hill is planning a new remake and has gained funding, many suggestions in websites that the film would be starring Glenn Close as Jane and Meryl Streep as Blanche.

On interesting aside- Davis and Crawford could not stand each other. Bette Davis was nominated for best actress in the role.  In earlier times, it was considered bad form for actresses to actually show up and claim their award on many occasions; they frequently claimed they were sick and had famous replacements accept the awards for them (such Prima Donnas!).  Bette Davis was nominated for Best Actress in this film. The other nominees for Best Actress were Anne Bancroft in "The Miracle Worker",  Katharine Hepburn in "Long Day's Journey Into Night", Geraldine Page in "Sweet Bird of Youth,"  and Lee Remick in "Days of Wine and Roses" - all superb performances.

Joan Crawford contacted every other nominee and offered to accept the Oscar for them if they won, and they all agreed -- just in case Bette Davis lost. Anne Bancroft won the Oscar for her excellent portrayal of Anne Sullivan, Helen Keller's teacher in the Miracle Worker (along with a very young Patty Duke who won Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of Helen Keller) and Joan Crawford accepted the Oscar for her!   So bitchy. You can see Joan putting Bette Davis down here.   Look at the smile on her face!

Here is one famous scene from Baby Jane, the "lunch is served" scene.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Scene Around the Scene: Ty Yifu at the Plugged In 2 Party at the Gay Riviera on Saturday Night

POP! Couture du Jour!: Happy Halloweenie!!!

from Harry's Blog

Make sure to see the rest of Handsome Harry's Halloween post. It is funny and hot at the same time.  You can find it here:

POP! Couture du Jour!: Happy Halloweenie!!!: Harry and Mike's Horrifying Spine-Tingling Haunted Adventure It was a dark and stormy night--er--uhm--well, actually it was especially pl...

Halloween Has Been Moved to This Saturday November 3

The Governor of the devastated State of New Jersey, Chris Christie, suffering under the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, has asked that Halloween celebrations be cancelled tomorrow and rescheduled for Saturday, November 3.

Other officials are beginning to ask the same.

There are two reasons for this. First, in his state, it is dangerous in many areas to go outside due to flood waters and downed power lines. Children would not be safe in trick or treating. Second, the devastation in the Northeast United States is so total in many areas that the populace is simply not in the mood to party.

I think it's a great idea.  Please consider doing so.  

Masterwork Machinima: Make Sure To See This Tim-Burton Inspired Halloween Video by Celestial Elf

Make Sure To See This Tim-Burton Inspired Halloween Video by master machinima maker Celestial Elf. This is the second year I am running this, and it really is excellent.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Club Photography: The Twink Hunter Costume Party on October 27

Guest Photographer: Chayce Silverfall. Chayce tells me that this is the last event at the original Twink Hunter location, which he has provided photography for most of 2012, and is a bit sad since it was such a great little club. Twink Hunter is only open on Saturday afternoons.  I told Chayce that moving to a new venue is not the end of a club, and to keep on providing great photography here. I hope the he listens!