Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Zac Efron's Classy Interview in The Advocate: Does the Advocate Even Get It?

Many people know that I have a thing for hunky Zac Efron who is currently claiming his territory at the reigning young Hollywood heartthrob.  This role is soon to be cemented by his very hot scenes with Nicole Kidman in the upcoming movie The Paperboy, when she (I am not joking) apparently "semi-erotically" pees on him in some hot shower scenes.  I will be featuring him next month as Real Life Hunk of the Week in honor of his 25th Birthday.

There have been rumors about Zac being gay ever since he starred in Disney's 2006 High School Musical movie. He is incredibly beautiful, has a great voice, and is very supportive of gay rights. He also seems "sensitive". Although they do not come right out and say it, The Advocate, America's leading gay publication, seems to beat around the bush around the subject of Zac being gay or not in this month's interview.

Is it me, or does the Advocate, and the people leaving comments, not get it?  Zac is not going to define himself by who he his sleeping with. Whether or not his is gay, straight, or bi is probably not the most important issue in his life right now, if he even thinks about it at all.  Zac is Zac.  And like many people under 30, he certainly is not going to let any prejudicial definitions dictate how he handles himself in an interview.

This is not Zac's "first gay interview".  This is Zac meeting with the Advocate and letting them know he is completely comfortable with anyone who appreciates him.  He is also not going to let people know who is sleeping with. And he really does not care if people want to assume he is gay -- since being gay is totally OK with him  Let both sexes fantasize (hell, I fantasize about Zac every time I see another hot photo), and let the movie goers keep on coming to his flicks.

A post modern approach to sexuality?

Here is the interview in the Advocate.  I recommend reading it.



  1. I think there are more male celebrities with the same attitude, perhaps influenced by their media-savvy agents on how to deal with these sorts of things now. Maybe he is appearing there to test the waters of how things would go for him would the decide to come out from the closet ?

    1. Let's see how turned on he looks by having Nicole pee on him before we guess if he is gay or not. I actually do not think Zac knows (or cares) with what he is, my guess is he is turned on by hot guys and girls, and can probably get whomever he wants anyway. Hell, I would fly out to Los Angeles and pee on him myself if that's what it takes!


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