Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Special Real Life Hunk: Closeted United States Republican Congressman Aaron Shock

Republican United States Congressman Aaron Shock is our first special real life hunk
For the past several years, this blog has run real life hunks of the week on Monday only, but hunky and handsome Aaron merits a special post for his dimples, biceps, and incredible abs.  He dazzled readers when he appeared on the cover of Men's Health showing off his spectacular physique.

However, 31 year old Congressman Shock is  a rabidly right-wing and across the board homophobe who have voted against every single piece of gay rights legislation that has come up for consideration  in the United States Congress. The video below states his position clearly. 

Despite his statements to the contrary, He is attracting a great deal of attention  due to the widespread suspicion for being a closet case.  Here is comment on trim Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan's baggy clothing that gained media attention last week, since he delivered this line in front of a gay bathhouse (I am not joking) in the gay area of Tampa Florida. You can catch it here.


“I think Paul’s in great shape,” Schock said. “I think a little bit of cleaner attire would accentuate that physique that he worked so hard to maintain.”

Tampa's gay bathhouse in the background. Talk about paying attention to your composition !

When asked about his sexual orientation, Congressman Shock walked away from an interview at last week's Republican convention in a rather pissy mood.  In addition, there are reports that he regularly appears with his boyfriend in Washington D.C..  He also claimed to have burned this cute teal belt that he wore to a White House luncheon earlier this year.

I do not particularly like homophobic Republicans, but Congressman Shock is very hot and I am sure many of sure many of our readers would agree with me in saying that I would do him in a second.  Lets hope that Mr. Shock, like many homophobic Republican Congressman in the past, will come out of the closet soon. But for now please enjoy his pictures. He is simply adorable.

Congressman Shock with Log Cabin Republican Members

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