Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Quest For An Updated Look Continues: The New New Eddi Haskell with the Help of Zim Gunsberg

Zim Gunsberg and Eddi at Agape Shapes.  Eddi is on the right. 

My quest for a updated look continues. I showed some pictures of the new Eddi here on Friday; but I wanted to go further and look better.  I want to surprise Jago with a hot new look since we met four years ago this week and an Eddi update is so overdue.

I asked my good bud of many years, Zim Gunsberg, who is owner of Agape Shapes (which I really like) to help me update my look even more. Whenever I hang out at some club with handsome Zim, people constantly ask me if he is really single and what he is like (blah blah) because they find him so hot.  I feel like his manager half the time. He was the right person to ask for help I think.

Using my new Birth skin as a base, Zim helped me pick out one of his new shapes, new hair, and some of his new eyes this weekend, and I am very happy with the results.

Zim's Agape Shapes are really well done, and so are his styling cards, and you can visit his main store here.

I will be showing the new Eddi here later this week, and over at Ryce's blog au natural, but for now, you can see a preview above. I have some more things to do. Stay tuned!

Zim Gunsberg and Eddi Haskell


  1. O.M.G. you already look amazing and you are not finished yet? Where will this end!!!

  2. Thanks Bock! But you really need to thank Ziggy for helping me when you see him, I am his creation. Baz Ceawin recommended the new skin and thought of the makeover though. I can't wait to show off the new me once I am done!

  3. So are you the hunk on the left or the hottie on the right?

    1. Zim is the hunky blond on the left, I am over at the right. Thanks for pointing this out Avacar, I added something to the caption just in case others want to know too.


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