Monday, September 3, 2012

Great Advice from Hypergrid Business on How To Increase Traffic To Your Sim

Note from Eddi:  Although this column was written for owners of entire grids and regions it is great advice for club and retail owners who want to increase traffic.

Fun, surprises and crowds can increase visits
By Maria Korolov

Want people to come to your grid or region more frequently? Consider this advice from psychologist Susan Weinschenk – Want To Change a Habit? Use Fun, Surprise, and a Crowd.

Let’s say that you are the owner of a grid, and you want your users to make visiting your grid a regular habit. Frequent visitors are more likely to spend money with grid merchants, and more likely to rent land from you, the grid owner — whether directly or from resellers who rent large areas, subdivide and improve them. Either way, more money in your pocket.

But this applies to non-profit grids, as well. Educational grids would benefit from having students put more time into their educational projects. Charity grids would be able to raise more funds. Art-focused grids would be able to expose more people to more artists.


Your grid is probably full of fun activities for your visitors. But they’re scattered around the grid. Chances are, your welcome area shows little — or no — evidence of this fun stuff going on (continued). 

To Read the Entire Article Head Over to Hypergrid Business

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