Friday, September 28, 2012

Gorgeous Second Life Destinations: Scandinavia In The Autumn

I am on the lookout for great autumn foliage this week.  I previously photographed two gorgeous New England sims this week, Martha's Vineyard and Marblehead, Massachusetts.

The Scandinavia sim is near Second Norway in Second Life, which Ziggy Starsmith has photographed in his blog.  It too has gorgeous fall foliage.

I took these photographs from this location, the home of  Loungelion Beaumont and Loo Berensohn which is open to the public.  I want to thank them for letting me shoot these gorgeous photos at their home. A great destination to visit in this most magical of all the seasons!

SLURL to destination:


  1. Truly beautiful place and it is right behind my home across the water.
    I love sims which change seasons so I can put away my summer frocks and wear jackets on SL. That is until they hold a beach party in December grrrrr

  2. Hi and thanks for the nice words. However, half of the pictures are shot at our nice neighbour Rozzanne's place, Sundborn on the Landet sim and we also really enjoy the sight, especially of her blood-red maple trees :)
    greetings from Loo and Loungelion

    1. I was standing on your land in that location and camming around the sim, so I should say "shot from this location". Thanks for the clarification, and you all have built a great destination over there! Congrats again.


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